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     Meet Ronisha C.
CEO of Liam & Brooke

Meet Ronisha, the unstoppable force behind Liam & Brooke, a luxury eyewear brand that redefines boldness and fearlessness. Hailing from the vibrant city of Washington, D.C., Ronisha is not just a serial entrepreneur; she is a visionary who relentlessly pursues her dreams, consistently setting the bar higher for herself and her empire.

Liam & Brooke began as a dream of Ronisha, evolving from humble beginnings in wholesale frames and designs to a powerhouse in the eyewear industry. Originally created as a passion for sunglasses, Ronisha's idea has grown over three years into a self-funded business that excels in the market. Her meticulous work ethic and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in establishing both her personal reputation and the sterling image of the Liam & Brooke brand.

In the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, Ronisha fearlessly launched Liam & Brooke, a name that embodies "The Bold Look." This luxury eyewear brand encourages customers to embrace their boldness and unapologetically be themselves. What started as a sunglass line has now expanded to include over seven handcrafted frames, all meticulously designed by Ronisha herself, showcasing her commitment to excellence.

Beyond the realm of sunglasses, Liam & Brooke has expanded into optical eyewear, a testament to Ronisha's commitment to continuous improvement. The brand's growth is not just about the expansion of products but a reflection of Ronisha's pursuit of elevating quality handmade eyewear. The essence of Liam & Brooke lies in providing affordable, high-quality frames that cater to individuals who embody boldness and fearlessness.

At the heart of the brand is a powerful message — that boldness and fearlessness reside within us all. Ronisha's vision goes beyond eyewear; it's about empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and face the world with confidence.


Liam & Brooke is not just a luxury eyewear brand; it's a movement, an expression of self-assurance, and a celebration of the bold spirit within every individual. Ronisha's journey is a testament to the idea that with relentless determination, dreams can be turned into reality, and a bold look can become a way of life.


Mission Statement

Empowering bold self-expression, Liam & Brooke is a luxury eyewear brand founded by Ronisha, a visionary entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. From its origins as a sunglass line, Liam & Brooke has evolved into a self-funded venture, thriving over three years with a commitment to affordable, high-quality frames. Our mission is to redefine fearlessness and inspire confidence in individuals by providing handcrafted eyewear that reflects the bold spirit within us all. Embrace "The Bold Look" and join us on a journey of self-assurance and empowerment with Liam & Brooke.

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