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     Meet Ronisha C.
CEO of Liam & Brooke

Ronisha is a force to be reckoned with! A serial entrepreneur who continous goes after her dreams and sets the bar high. This DC native worked meticulously to make a name for herself and her Liam & Brooke empire. 

Starting with just wholesale frames and designs, Ronisha launched Liam & Brooke originally as a sunglass line. Three years later she continues to build her self-funded endeavor from the ground up, constantly improving her brand, business reputation and work ethic. Today her brand has over 7 handcrafted frames,  designed by herself and has expanded to optical eyewear. 


Launched during the pandemic in 2020, Liam & Brooke means “The Bold Look” encouraging customer to be bold and unapologetic themselves. Due to her dedicated work ethic, Ronisha is constantly working to improve the quality of her brand and her business reputation. The brand has grown from sunglasses to optical eyewear. A luxury eyewear brand like never before that focuses on providing affordable high-quality frames for people who are bold and fearless. The brand prides itself on the message that boldness and fearlessness is within us all. 


Mission Statement

Liam & Brooke is a luxury eyewear company that features contemporary styled frames with a modern day theme. As a company we create a variety of bold shaped eyewear which highlights vibrant colors suited for ALL. Our mission is to provide trendy yet stylish sunglasses that transcend to our L&B consumer across all aspects of their evolving lifestyle.

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